Käthe Hager von Strobele                                                        

  1. Growing in the Dark
  2. Grow Box / Artist Book
  3. Planted Models
  4. Kiss my plants
  5. Gelplants
  6. Phototapestry
  7. Geometric Imperative
  8. Planted Models
  9. Moiré
  10. Archive
  11. HOI                                        

Klimabiennale Wien 2024

The “Growbox” project was the second part of the “Growing in the Dark” exhibition and takes up the theme of the growth and proliferation of plants in a closed interior space. Similar to the living space of people in their dwellings, the “Gow Box” represents a closed, controlled system for living (and growing plants) indoors. A “grow box” is usually a sealed box (or tent) lined with special materials to regulate the light, humidity and temperature for the growing seedlings.

“Growbox” also stands for claustrophobic conditions and people’s fears of being able to survive in the current world situation. The news of ongoing natural disasters and wars on earth turns people into individuals who take individual measures to survive in their shelters. The installation of a “grow box” is one of many measures of such a so-called “prepper” movement.

In the work “Growbox”, I documentated those houseplants that eke out an existence as “survivors” in often adverse conditions. These photographs and their locations and history were presented in a brochure in the exhibition.

From the documented plants, sprouts and seedlings will then be helped to grow further in a closed “grow box” in the exhibition space. These were labeled according to their location and name.